1. Visit our website: www.ucsicollege.edu.my and click the “Register Now!” button.
  2. The Online Registration Form is to be completed and acknowledged by applicants. Prior to registering, you are advised to check your eligibility status with our counsellors.
  3. Complete the registration process and upload the following documents:
    1. Academic Certificates, School Completion Certificate and Transcripts in PDF format. (Both original and English-translated copies if original documents are not in English)
    2. Passport copy (Multipage PDF format)
      1. Passport validity must not be less than 18 months from the date of admission or submission to the college.
      2. All pages of the passport – including the cover page, are required to be in colour.
      3. Ensure that the page numbers of the passport are clearly visible
    3. Passport-sized photograph (JPG format)
      1. Coloured with a white background
      2. Photograph measurement: Height (45mm) and Width (35mm)
      3. Strict compliance is required as per guidelines from EMGS (https://visa.educationmalaysia.gov.my/guidelines/passport-photo-guidelines.html)
      4. How to make sure your passport photo is not rejected. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8-JkrszYQk)
    4. Health Declaration
      1. New international students are required to complete and submit the Health Declaration Form in PDF format, which can be downloaded from https://visa.educationmalaysia.gov.my/guidelines/medical-screening.html
      2. Students who are from one of these countries listed - https://visa.educationmalaysia.gov.my/media/docs/YFV_countries.pdf are required to get Yellow Fever vaccination and submit a copy of the vaccination certificate in PDF format during the application.
    5. If accommodation is required, an application form must be submitted. A non-refundable booking fee of RM1,000 or RM2,000 is required (depending on the type of room)
      1. Please refer to our counsellors for the application form
  4. Pay a non-refundable RM3,000 Application Fee
    1. A copy of the Telegraphic Transfer (TT) receipt of the Application Fee is to be uploaded during online registration or email to your respective counsellor.
    2. All fees must be paid via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to the account below:

      Beneficiary’s BankCIMB Bank Berhad
      Banker’s Address197 & 199, Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught Cheras, 56000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      Swift CodeCIBBMYKL
      Beneficiary Bank New Account Number8001407040
      BeneficiaryUCSI College Sdn. Bhd.
      Beneficiary’s AddressWisma UCSI, Lot 39890, Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
      Beneficiary Telephone603 9078 2033

  5. Upon payment confirmation by the Finance Office and meeting the entry requirements, the Admission Office will issue a Conditional Letter of Offer (CLO) and a scanned copy of the CLO will be emailed to the student. UCSI College will proceed to apply for the Visa Approval Letter on behalf of the student. This process will take approximately 8-10 weeks.
  6. Sign and return the acceptance page of the CLO to the College.
  1. In the Home Country Instructions for Students
    1. Clearance of pending payments
      1. Kindly make the first payment stated in the CLO once you received your Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL)
      2. If you are sponsored by an organisation(s), please submit a letter of guarantee from your sponsor/awarding body.
    2. Obtain Single Entry Visa (SEV) at Embassy/Consulate/High Commission of Malaysia. Please refer EMGS website - https://visa.educationmalaysia.gov.my/guidelines/sev-required-countries.html to view the list of countries that require a Single-Entry Visa (SEV) before entering Malaysia. Please ensure that you receive a correct SEV as per the sample below. If you receive a different SEV, please inform the embassy officer immediately for correction before you leave the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate:


      Alternatively, you may apply for an eVISA, which is an online application platform that enables foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia at their convenience. The eVISA facility has been made available to International Students from all countries effective from 15 November 2021. This applies to all international students that require a Single-Entry Visa (SEV). International students can refer to the Malaysian Immigration Department’s website for further clarification regarding the procedures to apply for the eVISA at https://malaysiavisa.imi.gov.my/evisa/evisa.jsp

      Please refer to the eVISA Live Chat Support button at https://malaysiavisa.imi.gov.my/evisa/evisa.jsp if you encounter any issues with the eVISA which operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
    3. Accommodation arrangements
      1. Make sure that you have booked and confirmed your accommodation before your arrival, either with your counsellor or through your own resources
    4. Arrival Notification
      1. Make travel arrangements and inform UCSI College AT LEAST 7 DAYS prior to departure from your home country.
      2. Complete and submit the Airport Pickup Request Form AT LEAST 7 DAYS prior to departure from your home country if you require pickup and/or arrival hall escort service.
  2. International students may enter Malaysia regardless of their vaccination status. However, vaccination requirements are still subjected to the airline company’s requirements.
  3. The Pre-Departure and On-Arrival COVID-19 detection test are no longer required.
  4. It is not required to complete the “Traveller’s Card” information in the MySejahtera Application.
  5. Students are required to download the MySejahtera app from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery to complete all the required information three (3) days before the arrival date. Please refer to https://mysejahtera.moh.gov.my/ms/ for more information.
  6. Install the EMGS Mobile App to track your application on your smartphone. Once you receive the VISA Approval Letter (VAL) from the Immigration Department, you are able to travel to Malaysia.
  7. Before boarding the Airplane
    1. Before you leave for the airport, please be sure to bring along and have access to the following important documents:
      1. Passport
      2. Original Copy of the Visa Approval Letter or e-Visa
      3. Letter of Offer
  8. On the Airplane
    1. You need to fill in the Disembarkation Card provided by the airline crew.
  9. Arrival at the Airport
    1. Please ensure that you receive the correct entry stamp from the Immigration Department of Malaysia upon your arrival at the KLIA / KLIA 2 entry point. The stamp must be a Special Pass (SP) entry stamp and valid for 30 days as per the sample below. If you receive a different or incorrect entry stamp / date or wrong expiry date, please inform the immigration officer immediately for correction before you leave the immigration office or counter.

    2. UCSI College representative will wait for you at the International Arrival Hall Meeting Point, and will be carrying a sign that reads “UCSI College” if you have applied for the Airport Pickup during Pre-Arrival.
    3. Otherwise, you can go through the immigration as usual upon arrival.
  1. Report to Visa Processing Unit (VPU), 3rd Floor, UCSI College Kuala Lumpur Campus
    1. All new international students must report to the International Support Team (IST) at 3rd Floor, UCSI College Kuala Lumpur Campus at 9.00am on the next working day. Please report to IST on the following Monday if you arrive over the weekend.
    2. You are required to:
      1. Attend the New Student Post-arrival Briefing
      2. Fill up the necessary forms
      3. Submit the original, signed copy of the acceptance letter
      4. Present all relevant original certificates (for certification purposes)
  2. Medical Examination at the Laurent Bleu Clinic, UCSI International School Kuala Lumpur Campus
    1. Students need to attend the post-arrival medical screening at Laurent Bleu Clinic (panel clinic) at 9.00am after attending the post-arrival briefing on the next working day.
    2. Medical screening must be done within 3 days of arrival in Malaysia. Students who fail the medical examination will need to appeal a second time. In case of failure to fulfil the second examination requirement, students will have to return to their home country immediately.
    3. Students need:
      1. To obtain the Medical Examination form, a blue background photo (1 piece), a passport, and the New International Student—Post Arrival Checklist,
      2. To receive a medical acknowledgment slip from the clinic
  3. Submit passport to Visa Processing Unit (VPU), 3rd Floor, UCSI College Kuala Lumpur Campus
    1. Students are given at least 5 working days to settle all matters and must submit the passport of student pass endorsement (multiple entry) according to the schedule given during the briefing.
    2. Original passport with at least 18-month validity
    3. Entry Visa or Special Pass with at least 10 working days validity
    4. Present the Medical Examination acknowledge slip
    5. Fill up the undertaking letter and receive a certified copy of your passport
  4. Attend New Student Orientation & report to Faculty/Centre/Programme Coordinators
    1. Proceed with course selection & obtain the class timetable
Renewal of Student Pass
  1. All documents MUST be submitted to the International Student Office / Registrar’s Office at least three (3) months (or not more than four (4) months) before the expiration date of the Student Pass. If you are doing your Co-Op in a foreign country, please discuss the matter with the International Student Office of UCSI College.
  2. Present the original passport (which will be returned to the student immediately after verification at the International Student Office).
  3. If the validity of the student pass is less than three (3) months at the time of submission, please contact the International Student Office to enquire about a special pass application.
  4. Settle the outstanding fees.
  5. Request for renewal clearance from Registrar Office.
  6. Once the EMGS has approved the renewal application, you may submit your passport to International Student Office one (1) month before the expiration date of your Student Pass.
  7. The Approval for Student Pass renewal is subject to:
    1. Student attendance must be at least 80%
    2. CGPA – 2.00 and above
    3. Not exceeded duration of studies (Refer to your Letter of Admission)
    4. Student must provide a valid reason for 3 consecutive days of absence from class.
  8. The immigration has the right to cancel a Student Pass based on poor attendance, poor academic results and exceeded duration of studies.
  9. Should you fail to submit your documents three (3) months before the expiration date of your Student Pass, a penalty of RM30 per day would be charged.
  10. Overstaying is a serious offence in the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Returning Home during holiday/internship (Co-Op)

If you intend to return to your home country during the semester break, holidays, or Co-Op, you must notify the International Student Office in order to receive advice on your next student pass renewal.

Download the Guidelines of Student Pass Renewal and the Student Visa Renewal Application (EMGS).

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