UCSI Micro-Credentials
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Short Courses
Course Mode
Full-time and Part-time
Course Duration
Short Course
Course Location
Kuala Lumpur
January, May & September
Course Overview

  • A digital certification of assessed knowledge, skills and competencies in a specific or narrow area of study and/or practice
  • To learn new skills in line with industry and workforce needs
  • To add value to your professional qualifications


Recognition of Microcredentials

There are two ways by which MCs can be recognised by HEPs for further studies.

  • Credit Transfer
    Courses or units from accredited programmes within the scope of the internal and external review of the programmes can be submitted to any HEP for evaluation. Credits granted is subject to the maximum credit transfer allowed under MQA Guidelines for Credit Transfer for MOOCs.
  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)
    The  APEL (C) guidelines permit nonformal and informal learning to be submitted to recognised APEL (C) centres for evaluation based on which HEPs are able to grant up to 30% of the credits of a programme.

Why Micro-credentials?

  • Lifelong learning
    The HEPs must construct suitable short units, modules and courses on new knowledge, skills, technologies and attributes to equip the masses for the new economic challenges brought upon by the rapid and discontinuous changes of the present times.
  • Alternative
    The shorter and focused MCs allows the HEPS to tap into a different market of students and workers who prefer a faster option to acquire the required competency to enter the labour market and pursue further credentials for career development as an alternative to traditional degree programmes.
  • Access
    With the rapidly improving internet access and broadband speed, MCs offer the people near and far a greater access to higher education opportunities and industry-focused learning.
  • Stackability
    People can accumulate MCs and credits based on their needs and at their own pace from a HEP of their choice for credit transfer based on a credible and transparent outcomes-based process subject to existing policies.
  • Recognition of Non-Formal Learning
    MQF describes the recognition of all forms of learning in seeking entry into academic qualifications. Therefore, MCs, which testify to successful attainment of specified outcomes, can be considered through the APEL C process for credits in academic programmes offered by HEPs.

Why Obtain Micro-Credentials at UCSI College?

  • Outcome-based
    Designed to instil relevant skills to today’s needs
  • Personalised
    Over 20 micro-credentials offered; students can choose or package a range of various subject areas
  • Credit-transfer to a range of relevant academic programmes at UCSI University and College
    Seamless credit transfer to our subject-related diploma and degree programmes subject to APEL-A assessment

Who should take this? 

  • Existing students who want to study new subject areas (different from the current course)
  • For students who defer full-time study but want to study part-time; they can transfer credits when registering for a full-time diploma study
  • Working adults who want to learn new skills for new responsibilities at work
  • Business owners/administrators who want to learn new skills to improve their business

Courses Offered


  • Academic English
  • English for Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Essential
  • Managing Business
  • Basic Business Accounting
  • Basic Practices of Marketing
  • Essential Microsoft Office in Business
  • Business Communication
  • Digital Business Operation
  • BizTrack Accounting Software

Information Technology

  • Java Programming
  • IT & Computer System
  • Basic Mathematics for Computing
  • Web Design

Social Sciences

  • Foundation of Early Childhood Education
  • Development and Learning of Young Children
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • Early Childhood Teaching Principles

All information is correct at the time of upload and UCSI College reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.

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