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Soft Skills Series
International Students
Develop your soft skills for workplace success

  • Assertive Behaviour
  • Assertive training provides practical advices and techniques to boost your confidence and build yourself-esteem. Share experiences with others in a safe environment, understand your own behavioural styles and those of others  and develop achievable techniques for communicating  and behaving more assertively. On our Assertively Behaviour training you will discover the strategies on handling conflict, communication assertively and developing relationships that can be applied both at work and personal life.

  • Leadership Skills
  • This training and workshop - better decisions, better execution - focuses on how leaders can make better decisions execute better under stress and uncertainty. Decision making is perhaps the most important skill for a leader and a leadership team. Sustainable competitive advantage and success comes from making better decisions and executing them better. If everyone in an organisation could improve, the cumulative impact would be immerse. This workshop deals with perhaps the most important and least addressed aspect of leadership - how leaders can make better decisions. The focus is on application, not theory.

  • Conflict Management
  • Every person faces conflict - there are positive and negative outcomes to a conflict. What makes conflict negative or positive is the way in which it is handled. This course teaches participants how to manage emotion during conflict while working collaboratively towards a win/win solution. Participants will complete a conflict style assessment, learn the five styles of conflict, and identify their dominant style.

  • Corporate Grooming
  • This programme is important to enhance the personal and professional competency of an individual at work. Grooming etiquette is closely connected with an individual's professionalism at the workplace. Likewise, understanding personalities helps an individual with his personal development in the career.

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