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Marketing & Sales Series
International Students
Good marketing and sales are keys to a successful business

  • Art and Sciences of Selling
  • Competing in today's market requires building superior capabilities in both the 'science' and 'art' of selling. Participants of this training will be exposed to vital knowledge and skills needed for high performing sales.Science provides the rigor and discipline to conduct consistently and efficiently those activities that are common to all sales organisation while the art helps to differentiate its sales capabilities from competitors with the same foundational tools and processes. This course is perfect for everyone in the sale environment for continuous improvement.

  • Marketing for non-marketers
  • The course provides non-marketers with all the tools necessary to understand all aspects of the marketing function and to deal with it effectively. The course is relevant for business managers and entrepreneurs without any marketing background. By attending this course, they will learn effective methods to align their expertise with marketing initiatives and enhance their competitiveness.

  • Using social media for marketing
  • The training demonstrates how to drive meaningful revenue from social media with Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram for social media optimisation and more. It enables social media professionals, business managers, as well as students, to stay up to date on the latest social media best practices. The course also identify social media tools, technology and platforms used to manage and measure success .

  • Developing an effective marketing plan
  • This course covers aspects in marketing planning which requires meticulous and strategic consideration. Participants will be exposed to the essential of what goes into a marketing plan and the various skills required. Among modules that will be covered during the course are: effective marketing methods and understanding marketing mix. The course is relevant to marketing practitioners, where they will go through the entire process of developing a winning marketing plan for their own organisations.

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