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Teachers Training Series
International Students

Creative Classroom Management

Students today are more exposed to the world than before. The world of IT has produced individuals that thinks and acts differently. Traditional classroom management styles are no longer as effective in ensuring a high performance classroom environment. In this creative classroom management training course participants will be able to compare and evaluate various models of classroom management, learn new and creative ways to achieve classroom discipline, try out techniques for establishing and maintaining effective classroom learning environments, and identify typical classroom behaviour problems and relate them to classroom management and prevention.

  • Teaching with Technology
  • Teaching with technologies can deepen student's learning by supporting instructional objectives. However, it can be challenging to select the "ideal" tech tools. Teaching with technologies isn't just about staying current on the latest tools, but also about knowing how to successful incorporate the best tools into your teaching when and where it makes sense. This teaching with technology training course looks at the benefits of using technologies, as well as potential stumbling blocks. Participants will also get an inside look at the best practices for using technology to enhance teaching and learning - whether you teach in a traditional classroom or online.

  • Facilitating Autonomous Learning
  • As teachers, you would like to guide your student's to achieve their learning goals, but teachers are often easily frustrated with students, lack of motivation. As a result, teachers resort to being overly helpful and engaging in too much teacher talk time (TTT). Well-intentioned yet misguided 'spoon-feeding' is unlikely to encourage learners to take responsibility for their own learning. How can we foster more independent, self-motivated learners? Research has shown that motivation is related to whether or not students have opportunities to be autonomous and to make important academic choices. This training course will inform you of what is considered as autonomous learning and provide you with the teaching strategies and techniques to develop autonomous learners.

  • Setting Up and Managing Differentiated Learning Environment
  • Teaching is commonly practiced in a way that all aspects of student's learning is standardised and conducted in a whole-group fashion at all times. However individual develops in varying ways and at different pace. There is a need for teachers to focus their teaching efforts to respond to the different kinds of learning abilities in a classroom. This course expose participants to the need for differentiated learning environment and provide an insight to the best practice and tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. It helps you to become teachers that dare to be differentiated. 

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