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International Students

Step 1

The Online Registration Form is to be completed and acknowledged by applicant. Prior to registering, you are advised to check on your eligibility status with the College counselors.

  1. Once your application has been verified and accepted by us,  the Registry Office will issue a Conditional Letter of Offer (CLO) and will email a scanned copy of CLO.
  2. Kindly upload the soft copies of the following documents: (International Student Check List)

i. Academic Qualifications

  • Academic transcripts and completion certificate
  • In the event that these documents are not published in English, applicants are to provide copies of the original and official English-translated versions

  • Transfer students from other institutions
  • If applicants are seeking credit exemptions, additional documents like the final transcripts, programme syllabus and portfolio (if any) are required

    3.   Passport copy

    i.Passport validity must not be less than 18 months from the date of admission/submission to the university.

    ii.All pages of the passport – including the cover pages – are required (in colour).

    iii.Kindly make sure that the page numbers of the passport are clearly visible.

    4. Passport-sized photograph 

  • Coloured, with blue background
  • Photograph measurement: Height (2 inches/5.08cm)and Width (1½ inches/3.81cm)
  •     5.  Medical Screening

    Students will be required to undergo a Pre-medical screening prior to their arrival in Malaysia and another full medical screening should be done after arrival. 

    a)      Pre-Medical report form from home country upon admission - Student will be requested to do the pre-medical screening and upload the documents after the application has been accepted by the institution. The VAL issuance will not proceed until the student’s pre arrival Medical Screening details have been submitted to EMGS. The application will remain in the status “Require Correction” until the medical screening report has been received. Without these requirements being fulfilled, the VAL issuance will not proceed.

    b)      A valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required from all travelers coming from or transited more than 12 hours through countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission. In addition, all students are REQUIRED to take the vaccines listed in the Health Examination Form. Students are REQUIRED to produce the international certificate of vaccination for verification of information. 

    c)      Medical Report form after arrival – Upon arrival, student will proceed for In-Country Medical Screening at EMGS Panel Clinics within 7 days of arrival in Malaysia. Once the student passes the Medical Screening, the Student Pass endorsement can proceed.

      6.  Accommodation Application Form (if required) - (if required) - Enclosed with non-refundable booking fee of          RM 1, 000. We advise that you book and confirm accommodation in advance before you arrive. If you are living             off-campus should make their arrangement directly with ISS via email. If you fail to do this you will need to make your own accommodation arrangements for your arrival in Malaysia.  

       7. Additional Documents:

  • Declaration Letter: discrepancy of name on passport & academic transcripts; to be issued by home country’s Ministry of Education OR by home country’s commissioner of oath.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): for students with Sub Saharan Country’s passport only.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC - Sudan): for students with Sudanese passport only.
  • Eligibility Letter: for Nigerian passport holders only.
  •     8. Telegraphic Transfer (TT) receipt of the Application Fee (inclusive of EMGS payment) (receipt copies are to be uploaded during online registration or emailed to enquiry@ucsicollege.edu.my) 

    i. *APPLICATION FEE (Inclusive of EMGS Payment)

    9. * EMGS payment applies only to the 1st Year application. EMGS renewal payment for subsequent years varies with nationality of the student.

    a) Application Fee quoted above is inclusive of EMGS payment and is applicable to all international students. The College shall proceed with the visa application on behalf of the student, once payment and all required documents are received.

    b) Any excess amount received shall be deposited to students account for future payments.

    c) In addition to Application Fee for respective programme, Indonesian students are required to pay RM 300 as payment of 2 years visa & I-Kad under EMGS guidelines. This condition applies to programmes that have duration of more than 1 year.

    d) Fees quoted in USD are estimated. Figures are subject to change due to fluctuations of the exchange rate.  

    e) All fees MUST be SENT BY TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER (TT) to the following accounts:

    Step 2: Letter of Admission

    Upon meeting the entry requirements and receiving the payment (Applications Fee and EMGS Visa Processing Fee), the College will email a scanned copy of the Letter of Admission (LoA). Then, UCSI College will proceed to apply for the Visa Approval Letter on behalf of the student. This process will take approximately 30 days.

    Step 3: College Sends VAL

    When remittance of the Initial Fees and Miscellaneous Fees (as stated in the LoA including total rental and deposit for staying at the Residential Hall) have been credited into UCSI College's bank account via Telegraphic Transfer (refer to Step 1), the College will courier the original LoA and the Original Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to the student upon request only.

    Step 4 :Before your arrival

    i. Submit VAL to the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate in your respective city/country for verification and to obtain an Single Entry Visa.

    ii. Make travel arrangements and email your Immigration Clearance & Airport Arrival Service Form to the College at least 7 days prior to departure date from home country. Required details are the flight number, date and expected time of arrival.

    iii. A booking needs to be completed and submitted for each person travelling.

    iv. Once you submit booking form, you will receive a confirmation email with further details. If you not receive the confirmation email within 3 working days, please email us. If you not received a confirmation email from ISS you will not be picked up from the airport.

    v. All amendments and cancellations need to be confirmed within 48 hours prior to arrival via email.

    vi. This service is free for the first time pickup and charges RM250 will be applied for those students who informed us at the last minute or no notification on missing flight.

    vii. Free service will only give for the UCSI College student and not for the accompanying person. Charges will be applied RM 80 per person.

    viii. Travel to Malaysia with the following documents:

  • Original Condition Letter of Offer
  • Original Letter of Admission
  • Original Visa Approval Letter
  • Original payment (TT) receipts
  • Original documents to be verified by Registrar’s Office
  • ix. Upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) / Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), wait for the College’s representative (for clearance) at the International Students Waiting Area.

    Note: There are no pickups during weekends and on public holidays. (Please check with the International Student Service Department for listing of public holidays). Please manage your booking and arrival according to the advice date. (Please note that bookings made on Saturday or Sunday cannot be processed until Monday)

    Step 5: When you arrive

    i. Report to the International Student Services (ISS) office – located on the 3rd Floor – on the next working day at 9.00 am & attend the Orientation/Arrival Briefing.

    ii.Take the English Placement Test (EPT), if required. 

    iii. Submit the following documents to IST:

  • Original CLO
  • Passport
  • Complete Heath Examination in approved Medical Clinic. Collect the Heath Examination receipt from clinic & pass it to ISS.
  • iv. Proceed with course selection & obtain the class time table.

    v. Commence classes.


    Immigration Policies for International Students

    International students must comply with the policies set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Please adhere strictly to the requirements to minimize delay or other problems that may arise.

    A valid passport with a minimum one and half year (18 months) validity is required to apply for your student visa. You need to obtain an approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department prior to entering the country via the College.

  • You must forward all the necessary documentation to the Student Enrollment Center before an application can be made for your student pass or visa
  • The College will apply for a student pass / visa on your behalf
  • The whole process with COMPLETE DOCUMENTS for application, submission and approval for the Visa Approval Letter will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks
  • Once approved, the College will obtain the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from EMGS, which issued by Malaysian Department of Immigration
  • Please seek advice from the nearest Malaysian Embassy, High Commission for application to obtain an single entry visa before entering Malaysia
  • It is advisable that you obtain your Visa Approval Letter before entering to study in Malaysia to avoid any issues or problems coming to study in Malaysia.
  • Please note that the Visa Approval Letter is ONLY valid for three (6) months

  • Upon receiving your entry visa, you are to inform the College a minimum of seven working days before departing from your country
  • Bring along a copy of your Visa Approval Letter (VAL)
  • The College representatives will meet you at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to assist you to process your entry visa at the Immigration checkpoint
  • Please report to the UCSI College Student Services soon after your arrival with your original passport and Letter of Acceptance.
  • Social / Tourist Pass

  • It is illegal to study in Malaysia under a social / tourist pass
  • A Special Pass MAY BE granted at the discretion of the Director-General of Immigration or person acting on his behalf
  • The Director-General has the right to reject any Special Pass application without giving any reasons
  • The College strongly discourages the use of Social Visas to enter Malaysia before receiving your Visa Approval Letter. Please be reminded that as the College cannot guarantee your application for student visa / pass will be approved, it may place your studies at high risk.
  • Transfer Students from Other Colleges

  • Students who wish to change colleges / universities after receiving your student visa will need to obtain approval from the Immigration authorities
  • Any transfer student who wishes to study at UCSI College has to cancel his/her Student Pass from the previous college / university. We advise such students to submit all the relevant documents to the Visa Processing Unit at the International Office to facilitate returning to his/her home country
  • Students are encouraged to enter Malaysia only once they have obtained the VAL from the Immigration Department which will be sent to the students by the College
  • Students holding a valid pass under one college / university are not allowed to study in any other institution.
  • Renewal or Extension of Student Pass

    Please bring your passport to the Visa Processing Unit three months before the expiry date of your student pass for processing as failure to do so will incur penalty charges.

    You need to submit the following to the Visa Processing Centre:

  • Clearance Form from the Registrar's Office
  • Your original Passport
  • Renewal fee of Student Pass (they are according to countries within the range of RM 950 – RM 1000)
  • 2 pcs of passport-size photo, in blue background
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • It will take approximately 60 days to obtain renewal from the EMGS .

    The Approval for renewal is also subject to:

    1. Student attendance to be at least 80%
    2. GPA – 2.0 and above
    3. The Immigration is provided with a valid reason for 3 consecutive days absence from class
    4. The Immigration has the right to cancel a student pass based on poor attendance and poor academic results.


  • If you wish to withdraw from your studies, you must report to the Registrar's Office one month prior to leaving for your home country.
  • You are required to complete the Withdrawal Form from the Registrar's Office and obtain approval for the deposit refund.
  • You must bring along a confirmed air ticket for a Student Pass cancellation
  • Failure to comply with this procedure will necessitate the College notifying the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Higher Education to cancel your Student Pass.
  • Defer Studies

  • If you wish to defer your studies, you will have to return to your home country.
  • You need to report to the Registrar's Office with a confirmed air ticket, as well as to report / inform the Visa Processing Unit of your re-entry after the deferment period for advice on your next Student Pass renewal.
  • Failure to comply with this procedure will result in the College having to notify the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Higher Education to cancel your Student Pass.Returning Home during Holidays

  • If you are planning to return to your home country during the semester break or holidays, you need to inform the Visa Processing Unit for advice on your next Student Pass renewal.
  • When you have a new passport

  • If you renew or change your passport for any reason, please transfer your student pass sticker from the old passport to the new passport immediately.
  • Your student pass will not be valid in the old passport.
  • You need to bring your old and new passports to the Visa Processing Center to prepare the necessary documents for the sticker transfer.
  • There will be charges for a Single / Multiple entry visa based on the entry country.
  • The duration for transferring the sticker would be 14 working days upon submission to the Immigration.
  • If you lose your Passport

    In the event that you lose your passport, you need to do the following steps:

    1. Lodge a police report. With the police report, proceed to your Embassy or High Commission to make a new passport.
    2. Upon obtaining your new passport, proceed to the Visa Processing Center with a copy of your police report and a letter from the Embassy as the support document to obtain your new student pass sticker for your new passport.

    Other General and Important Information:

  • Please be reminded that you are required to carry your passport at all times when travelling in Malaysia.
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