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Finance & Accounting Series
International Students
Our Finance training courses and accounting training seminars will keep you at the top of your game

Become familiar with common accounting concepts and buzzwords used by accounting insiders, all in just a few hours. You will develop a baseline of financial understanding clear up any confusion between different kinds of financial statements and identify their purpose and relation to each other. You will also gain an understanding of the accounting process, from recording the money impact of business decisions to the preparation of the resulting financial reports. Gain the ability to converse with the finance people intelligently and grasp the all-important numbers side of the business.

  • Budgeting Made Simple

In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare, present and develop a budget that aligns with business strategies. You will discover how to gather the information you need and then construct an actual operating budget. You will practice evaluating and revising your budget to increase its chances of acceptance. This is your opportunity to gain the tools and insights to craft the budget your company needs to overcome obstacles and achieve success. 

  • Fixed Assets Management

Anyone in the position of managing the fixed-assets of an organisation must keep the contents of the fixed asset database accurate and current, provide correct information to stakeholders, and have the skills to get the maximum return on fixed assets. Knowing what data is needed for timely and accurate reporting in financial and tax statements, insurance valuation and recovery, and maintenance of assets is also essential. This seminar is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to successfully perform all of these duties and much more.

  • Preparing for an Audit

In preparing for your company's annual audit, your goals at all stages of the audit process-from selecting the audit firm to the updating of your financial records-should be to achieve quick results at the lowest possible cost. Achieving those goals depends to a large extent on how prepared you and your company are, with respect to both attitude and preparation. 

  • Finance for Non Finance Professional

There is a greater need to understand financial information, especially the balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement as companies strive to enhance their shareholder funds. Decisions made without a proper understanding of the financial implications may lead to significant risk of losses and a reduction in shareholder value.

  • Know Your Company`s Health

It is essential to understand the internal financial health of a business, such as the profitability, leverage, liquidity and market condition arising by performing ratio analysis to identify the problem before it leads to serious financial consequences. Hence, knowing the company's health is crucial in minimising the risk exposure and making a better financial judgement.

  • Interactive Ways of Interpreting Financial Results 

This training is deal for non-finance personnel as it employs the usage of interactive ways to interpret financial results and understand the intricacies of financial statements. You would be able to interpret financial result by transforming complex statistical information into more simple and presentable form for easier comprehension. 

  • Budgeting and Forecasting the Financial Needs

Budgeting and forecasting is one of the main parts in finance, which enables one to measure the company's financial resources and predict its future financial needs ranging from ordering of penny items to fundraising of the business operation. By mastering the budgeting and forecasting skill, decision can be made wisely within the expectation and capability.

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