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English For Corporate Success Series
International Students
Master English communication skills for business success
  • Business Writing for Effective English Communication
  • Emails, memo and social media posts, proposals, reports-these forms of written communication are increasing daily and if you have ever received one with typos and grammatical errors, you will probably not take the message within seriously. Its is the duty of the writer to communicate clearly and help the reader to understand the message conveyed. Effective business writing is an integral part of individual and organisational success and can affect productivity and profit.  

  • Master Negotiations
  • Are you an accomplished professional who conducts negotiation on a the regular basis?. Become aware of your negotiating styles and discover how to maximise your strength in the process, along with learning key techniques on how to best negotiate in various situations.

  • Effective Confident Oral Communication
  • Great communication skills are your ticket to success in the business world. Polishing your verbal skills can help you at every stage of your career by giving you the confidence to speak and express your ideas. Oral communication can reveal a lot about a person's emotional state and the roots of a person's geographic roots. Awareness of these and other important interrelated, interpersonal skill can boost your oral communication and confident. 

  • Confident Group Communication Skills
  • Many jobs require strong communication skills and team work with colleagues to complete tasks. This can be either a rewarding  experience or one that creates stress and discord. The success of a group work depends on the respect showed to each member of the group and the trust created between them. Awareness of group communication can enhance team work experience, encourage members to take more risks, ask questions and shared ideas that can be beneficial both individually and group-wise. 

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